Cycling to Work: The Benefits of Getting Involved in Sustainable Travel to Work Schemes.

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Cycling to Work: The Benefits of Getting Involved in Sustainable Travel to Work Schemes.

36% of Britons us their cars to get to work. That is over 1/3 of all U.K workers! 

Many of us claim that this is due to convenience or time management. But what impact is this having on our environment and individual economic state.

The impact of our love of cars

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Using the car to get to work is not only expensive, but it is also costly for both society, as well as the welfare of the planet. The average car spews approximately six tonnes of CO² into our atmosphere each year. This is then being inhaled by the general public, and this is happening all over the globe. We all know that pollution is amongst other things, one of the leading causes of global warming, but what is less known is the fact that CO² is actually a leading cause of illness in the UK as well. A recent study has suggested that premature mortality rates related to diseases such as lung cancer can be directly attributed to pollution (amongst other factors.) By riding a bike to work as opposed to jumping in the car you can reduce the amount fuel emissions which are emitted into the atmosphere. Resulting in a reduction in the amount of people who breathe in these harmful by-products. Thus going towards helping people to lead a longer happier, healthier life. In addition to this it can also be concluded that cars also contribute to U.K. noise pollution. This is proven to have a damaging, diagnosable consequence for 30% of the British Public.

The health and well-being benefits of switching to cycling

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Cycling amongst other things, is extremely enjoyable. Riding a bike is one of the most exciting practices which we learned to do as a child. So why not transfer this joyful experience into our adult lives? Public transport and traffic jams are an all too common aspect of adulthood, and are known causes of excess stress in the mornings. This is something which can be avoided when using a bicycle as your main form of transport. But it’s not just fun and exciting! Cycling to work, especially when practised regularly can also harbour many social, mental and physical health benefits too! Health benefits from cycling don’t just come from the fact that by cycling to work you are reducing the amount of cars on the road (even by just one.) Cycling also comes with a whole host of benefits for the cyclist themselves. Cycling is a form of cardiovascular exercise and is great at aiding blood flow as well as improving both lung function and capacity. This means that by participating in regular cycling you can improve your cardiovascular system, which will in turn reduce your risk of developing life threatening illnesses such as coronary heart disease. On top of all of these health and environmental benefits, cycling to work instead of using the car can also help to improve your economic well-being too! It is safe to say that most of us who drive to work spend more money than we would like to on fuel. When cycling the only fuel that is needed is a good breakfast and a big bottle of water!

Cycling is completely free.

This means that you will save over £3,000 each year. That amount of money could buy you a good bike, and even give you enough left over to go on a nice holiday too!

How can Broxap improve cycling schemes?

Cycle Hubs | Broxap | Cycling to work

When asked about why people choose not to commute to work via bicycle, there were plenty of reasons, some viable and others avoidable. One of the key reasons was that their workplace lacked storage space for their bike. When it comes to work places, it would be hard to find somewhere which did not provide car parking facilities for their employees. However, the same cannot be said for cycle parking facilities. Employees are more likely to ride to work if they have somewhere safe and secure to store their bicycles. That is where Broxap come in. At Broxap we have cycle parking solutions to fit any business no matter what the space restraints or the requirements. A recent project which we completed at Huntingdon House, in York, saw us install a lot of cycle parking in a smaller space. The NHS Care Centre required a lot of cycle parking for both staff and visitors, yet they had limited space. Broxap’s solution was to install a Wardale Hi-Rise Shelter, which would house their Hi-Rise Two Tier System. This was perfect, and suited the needs of the customer. The Two Tier System allows for a larger amount of bicycles to be parked in a smaller space using the upper and lower bays.

Please see video below for how to use this great type of cycle parking:

The Hi-Rise Two Tier System is the perfect solution for companies or establishments with smaller spaces, yet a high demand for cycle parking. Yet another great example of this type of parking solution in use is at the Royal Northern College of Music, in Manchester. Similarly to the above, the college needed cycle parking to allow for both staff and students to commute to work/college and safely park their bicycles. The cycle parking needed to be fitted on a small walkway near to the car park. The solution was to install a 45˚version of the Two Tier System which would still house a vast amount of cycles, yet not restrict access to the footpath, again the perfect solution, which suited the client’s needs. With Broxap’s cycle parking solutions there is no excuse to not get involved in your company's cycle to work scheme. Not to mention the endless health, social and economic benefits which it holds as well. You can find plenty of advice and information on cycling to and from work by clicking the below links:

For more information on any cycle parking solutions contact one of our sales advisers.

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