Timber Street Furniture.

Timber Street Furniture.
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Timber Street Furniture.

In recent years we have seen a dramatic increase in the demand for Timber Street Furniture. This growing love of timber products may stem from societies ambition to promote a greener planet making use of our natural resources. These timber products are a great addition to any surrounding. The public are even becoming more accustomed to seeing these natural pieces in their high streets and in their parks. Timber street furniture is a well-received alternative to the traditional cast iron benches, bins and bollards which are traditionally placed in well-populated areas.

Timber street furniture is the perfect way to complement any surrounding. From the busiest of high streets, through to the most rural of parks, timber street furniture will look at home anywhere. Here at Broxap we have a vast range of timber products to suit all of your street furniture needs. The timber designs enable you to create a natural looking environment, no matter where you are. Broxap’s range of timber products include seats & benches, bollards, litter bins, planters and many more.

They are all specially designed to exude a natural aesthetic and can add that little touch of nature to any surrounding. Broxap recently completed a project in Crewe Town Centre, a busy shopping area in Cheshire East. Timber benches were installed next to an array of pre-existing green planters and tree grilles to allow for a small section of environmental bliss. The natural and peaceful atmosphere which was created juxtaposed the hustle and bustle of the high street giving consumers a small tranquil space to sit and relax.

A great use for timber street furniture if we do say so ourselves! Much of Broxap’s timber street furniture is FSC® (FSC-C122338) certified. This means that the timber used in our products comes from forests which are harvested responsibly. Responsible forestry means that all wood used in these forests is replaced, by more than one tree, meaning that buying timber from Broxap will not only complement the look of the environment, but it is also beneficial towards it too! And on top of this all timber playground equipment from Hand Made Places, our playground equipment division, is FSC® certified too. Thus making both our street furniture and play equipment range environmentally considerate.

Timber products also allow for a vast range of fun and interesting designs, anywhere from the traditional looks through to the large multi-purpose benches which were installed at the Royal Holloway University. The versatility of the product allows for a wide range of fun designs which can be placed in almost any location. On top of all of this, at Broxap we ensure that all of our timber products are well-made, thus allowing them to boast both great durability and a long life expectancy! Something which is often pointed out as a concern when it comes to timber street furniture.

Find out more about our timber products and browse our full range including our timber playground equipment from Hand Made Places by looking through our brand new timber brochure!

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