Morelands Primary School, Hampshire

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Morelands Primary School, Hampshire

This school has undergone a complete external overhaul with the school recladding the building and replacing windows and doors in the Summer of 2017.

Having already purchased an entrance canopy from Broxap the school again asked Broxap to design a new style entrance canopy in keeping with the new modern look and feel of the refurbished building. Broxap designed a new entrance canopy based on their Cambridge design and produced a cantilever shelter that gave a new modern look to match the new school facade.

Broxap removed the old canopy and installed the new one whilst also providing the school with a series of Monopitch canopies, removing an existing walkway within the school grounds, replacing it with a Newcastle Monopitch walkway in-keeping with the schools colour scheme and modern new look.

4 years ago