West Street Pre-School, Retford, Nottingham

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West Street Pre-School, Retford, Nottingham

This Pre-school had an outdoor area at the rear of the building for children to play in with three existing shelters, however it was in a very confined space with difficult access. The School asked Broxap if they could remove the existing shelters and replace it with a large single structure to cover the whole space with minimal columns in the courtyard and keep rain out.

We were required to adhere to planning regulations and heritage assessment completed by the local authority which measures impact on the surrounding area of new installations.

Broxap designed a canopy around our bespoke Plymouth Wave  incorporating a smaller Newcastle shelter. Partial screening was added to the rear of the canopy to further reduce rain entering the area beneath.

The client required all works completing over Christmas when they were closed for business, we met with the pre-school to determine the most appropriate and acceptable dates when work could be completed.

Inevitably, works were necessary when the school was open, therefore we maintained an open access whilst works were being completed to allow parents suitable drop off and pick up routes through the works due to the limited space on site.

The completed canopy complete with column protectors give a bright, light, vibrant and most importantly dry area for the children to play beneath.

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6 years ago