Broxap offer the widest range of bollards in the UK street furniture market, with over 1000 bollards in stock. These are available in a variety of styles and finishes, cast ironsteelstainless steelrecycled plastictimber and concrete. Our street bollards can be traditional or contemporary in design and act cosmetically to complement the existing location and other pieces in the street furniture range. Others can have practical and functional elements such as the illuminated bollard range which provides lighting for both entrances and paths.

Security bollards are designed to provide additional safety to any building or its surrounding environment and will protect areas that are vulnerable to collision impacts. Not only this, but our cast iron bollards feature a guarantee surpassing 100 years - perfect to protect your building for a lifetime.

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  1. Towpath Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1568-BP Towpath Cast Iron Bollard
    From £78.00
  2. Callender Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1571 Callender Cast Iron Bollard
    From £172.00
  3. Pontypool Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1574 Pontypool Cast Iron Bollard
    From £127.00
  4. Cannon Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1575 Cannon Cast Iron Bollard
    From £178.00
  5. Knot Mill Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1581 Knot Mill Cast Iron Bollard
    From £149.00
  6. Cornwall Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1582 Cornwall Cast Iron Bollard
    From £149.00
  7. Pierhead Bollard
    BX 1593 Pierhead Bollard
    From £109.00
  8. Pierhead Tall Bollard
    BX 1593A Pierhead Tall Bollard
    From £135.00
  9. Fluted Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1605 Fluted Cast Iron Bollard
    From £120.00
  10. St. Helens Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1608 St. Helens Cast Iron Bollard
    From £139.00
  11. Hanchurch Ductile Iron Bollard
    BX 1621 Hanchurch Ductile Iron Bollard
    From £174.00
  12. Edinburgh Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1646 Edinburgh Cast Iron Bollard
    From £105.00
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Items 25-36 of 156

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