Security Bollards

Security bollards and posts are designed to suit any location. Security bollards create a physical and visual deterrent, providing segregation and anti-ram solutions. Security bollards are available with a variety of fixings, designs and finishes to suit both the environment and use. Fixing types include telescopicremovable, root fixed and fold down to allow temporary vehicle access when required.

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  1. Lift Assist Post
    BX20 5370-LA Lift Assist Post
    From £362.00
  2. Manual Telescopic Post
    BX20 5360 Manual Telescopic Post
    From £323.00
  3. Lift Assist Post
    BX20 5350-SQ-LA Lift Assist Post
    From £316.00
  4. Lift Assist Post
    BX20 5371-LA Lift Assist Post
    From £670.00
  5. Lift Assist Post
    BX20 5379-LA Lift Assist Post
    From £695.00
  6. Sunningdale PU Telescopic Bollard
    BXPU 1791-TEL Sunningdale PU Telescopic Bollard
    From £570.00
  7. Economy Telescopic Post
    BX01 5505 Economy Telescopic Post
    From £184.00
  8. Heavy Duty Removable Bollard
    BX01 5503 Heavy Duty Removable Bollard
    From £118.00
  9. Medium Duty Security Post
    BX01 5507 Medium Duty Security Post
    From £107.00
  10. Haslington Fold Down Bollard
    BX90 5501 Haslington Fold Down Bollard
    From £79.90
  11. Fold Down Stainless Steel Post
    BX47 0060 00-FD Fold Down Stainless Steel Post
    From £149.00
  12. Heavy Duty Economy Bollards
    BX14 6501 Heavy Duty Economy Bollards
    From £68.00
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