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Why Choose a Broxap Design & Build Service?

Broxap has been specialising in providing bespoke engineering “Design & Build” solutions for architectural canopies and structures since the 1990s, producing specific designs for hundreds of developments and schemes. Established in 1946, today the family-owned and operated business manages the production of custom-made metalwork structures combined with a variety of high quality roofing or cladding materials, such as overhead glazing, market-leading polycarbonates, specialist tensile fabrics and architectural cladding.

Value Engineering Design & Build Solutions
(a case study: Midland Metro)

The following captures the value-added benefits from Broxap's Design & Build offering, resulting in a saving in excess of £400,000.

Balfour Beatty was awarded a Design & Build Contract for the Midland Metro BCCE project, within which there was a provision for passenger shelters and various street furniture. The passenger shelter brief pivoted around a bus stop shelter utilised by Birmingham City Council on an earlier passenger transport improvement scheme. Early Client-led designs concepts proved uncomplimentary to the cost-plan; Broxap was invited by Balfour Beatty to provide a value-engineered solution.

Also featuring on the project was a logistically-problematic inherited canopy and structural glass balustrade scheme design for the Snow Hill Tram Stop site, a newly constructed bridge that runs over Great Charles Street. These challenges could have resulted in the need for some 50 plus night road closures and possessions situated over the busy A38, which runs through the centre of Birmingham.

Working in value-engineering discussions with the Contractor, the Client, the Engineers and the Planning Consultant, Broxap created photomontages using their already value-engineered shelter to present an alternative concept to obtain a condition of discharge notice. The planning notice was successfully obtained and the reductions to programme and cost (as well as risk) were realised.

Original Client Solution

Broxap Value Engineered Solution

Client Concept

Pre-contract Client Meeting Broxap Design Sketch

Client Visual

Client Visual with new Broxap Value Engineered Design

Interested parties visited our factory to witness a shop-floor trial build and undertake Factory Acceptance Test (F.A.T.s) of the electrical and interfacing equipment.

Delivered materials were unloaded with build sequences coordinated to limit disruption to pedestrian and traffic management, as well as shop frontages.

For more about Broxap’s “Design & Build” offering, please visit our case study gallery websitecontact us or telephone John Boyle, Commercial Director, on 01782 571601.