Play Units & Climbing Frames

Bringing together a combination of stimulating and interesting activities, adventure play units incorporate different platform heights and features depending on age range and specification. Climbing walls, tunnels, ladders, chutes and bridges are among the elements which make up the units. Robust enough to suit any outdoor location, our adventure play units bring about new experiences for children and can be adapted according to budget, location and need.

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  1. Balksbury Play Unit
    BX/HMP 050001 Balksbury Play Unit
    From £3,995.00
  2. Townhill Multiplay Unit
    BX/HMP 050018 Townhill Multiplay Unit
    From £3,450.00
  3. Toddlers Tower
    BX/HMP 060008 Toddlers Tower
    From £2,995.00
  4. Sunflower Play Unit
    BX/HMP 050011 Sunflower Play Unit
    From £3,545.00
  5. Action Station III
    BX/HMP 050903 Action Station III
    From £5,585.00
  6. Chute Multiplay
    BX/HMP 050019 Chute Multiplay
    From £6,890.00
  7. Beddington Play Unit
    BX/HMP 150005 Beddington Play Unit
    From £5,450.00
  8. Andover Play Unit
    BX/HMP 150004 Andover Play Unit
    From £2,775.00
  9. Bloxham Play Unit
    BX/HMP 050016 Bloxham Play Unit
    From £1,595.00
  10. Ripley Climbing Frame
    BX/HMP 150014 Ripley Climbing Frame
    From £7,995.00
  11. Ashbury Climbing Frame
    BX/HMP 150902 Ashbury Climbing Frame
    From £2,279.00
  12. The Nautilus Play Boat
    BX/HMP 150016 The Nautilus Play Boat
    From £6,995.00
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Items 1-12 of 26

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