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Using play to communicate with children can help strengthen relationships and aid development. Our range of outdoor musical instruments opens up a world of sound and movement to encourage social interaction and remove barriers to learning. Instruments include drums, bells, and chimes. They can be incorporated into sensory gardens and outdoor playgrounds to add interest and variety. Designs include standalone instruments on sturdy mounts, or instruments built into play sculptures or included as part of a sound centre unit.

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  1. Star Stage
    BX/HMP 650046 Star Stage
    From £915.00
  2. Chimes
    BX/HMP 650001 Chimes
    From £749.00
  3. Congas
    BX/HMP 650050 Congas
  4. Turtle Drum
    BX/HMP 650007 Turtle Drum
    From £855.00
  5. Cow Bells
    BX/HMP 650903 Cow Bells
    From £335.00
  6. Petal Drum
    BX/HMP 650047 Petal Drum
    From £895.00
  7. Sound Centre
    BX/HMP 650045 Sound Centre
    From £2,430.00
  8. Akadinda
    BX/HMP 650018 Akadinda
    From £2,129.00
  9. Tiger Glockenspiel
    BX/HMP 650006 Tiger Glockenspiel
    From £1,335.00
  10. Rainwheel
    BX/HMP 650004 Rainwheel
    From £595.00
  11. Freechimes
    BX/HMP 650041 Freechimes
  12. Tubular Bells
    BX/HMP 650000 Tubular Bells
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