Playground Seating & Tables

With access to 75 years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of street furniture, our range of playground seating and tables is second to none. Whether it is for learning, eating, quiet play or rest and recuperation, our range of superior timber furniture is durable and attractive. Products can be custom-made or ordered from our wealth of standard designs, which range from traditional picnic style tables and benches, decorated furniture that ties into a particular theme, to imaginative and unique sculptures created especially for children to clamber aboard.

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  1. Storyteller's Chair
    BX/HMP 450028 Storyteller's Chair
    From £520.00
  2. Oak Leaf Table
    BX/HMP 450021 Oak Leaf Table
    From £455.00
  3. Swan Seat
    BX/HMP 350020 Swan Seat
    From £995.00
  4. H-Frame Picnic Table
    BX/PD 450005 H-Frame Picnic Table
    From £378.00
  5. T-Frame Picnic Table
    BX/PD 450018 T-Frame Picnic Table
    From £350.00
  6. Party Table
    BX/PD 450010 Party Table
    From £550.00
  7. Wishing Chair
    BX/HMP 450033 Wishing Chair
    From £780.00
  8. Wave Bench
    BX/HMP 450032 Wave Bench
    From £910.00
  9. Shell Seat
    BX/HMP 450025 Shell Seat
    From £100.00
  10. Maple Leaf Table
    BX/HMP 450034 Maple Leaf Table
    From £455.00
  11. Modular Radius Seating
    BX/HMP 450016 Modular Radius Seat
    From £230.00
  12. Buddy Bus Stop
    BX/HMP 450004 Buddy Bus Stop
    From £320.00
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Items 1-12 of 24

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