Sandpits & Water Play Equipment

Messy play is always fantastic fun for everyone. And our extensive range of wooden sandpits and water play tables are built to ensure children stay safe at the same time. Strong enough to withstand the rough and tumble play that comes with having a good time, the range helps to channel energy into a learning experience. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, the popular activity stations enable groups of children of all abilities to interact and play together in the outdoors. As well as being essential for a creative and sensory classroom experience, these products can support subjects such as maths and science as well as helping to set positive behaviour standards.

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  1. Sand Pits
    sand_pits Sand Pits
    From £595.00
  2. Pedestal Sand Pit
    BX/HMP 800007 Pedestal Sand Pit
    From £1,250.00
  3. Ocean Tray
    BX/HMP 250025 Ocean Tray
    From £745.00
  4. Ocean Tray & Water Chute
    BX/HMP 250024 Ocean Tray & Water Chute
    From £995.00
  5. Ocean Water Chute
    BX/HMP 250023 Ocean Water Chute
    From £250.00
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