Nusser Benches & Seats

NUSSER specialise in creating high quality contemporary and traditional outdoor seating. This includes a wide range of benches and seats for a variety of different locations.

All NUSSER benches and seats are constructed using high quality materials giving users a strong and safe, seating solution. The NUSSER product range provides comfortable, quality benches and seats, in innovative designs.

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  1. Desford Table
    BX12 Desford Table Desford Table
    From £2,042.00
  2. Ingleby Bench
    BX12 Ingleby Ingleby Bench
    From £980.00
  3. Ingleby Seat with 2 Back Rests
    BX12 Ingleby Seat Ingleby Seat with 2 Back Rests
    From £1,526.00
  4. Sandringham Seat
    BX12 Sandringham Sandringham Seat
    From £2,494.00
  5. Redbourne Regero® Seat
    D210 Redbourne Regero® Seat
    From £2,120.00
  6. Lubenham Seat (Regero Range)
    BX12 Lubenham Seat Lubenham Seat (Regero Range)
  7. Ravensmoor Seat (Regero Range)
    BX12 Ravensmoor Seat Ravensmoor Seat (Regero Range)
  8. Leybourne Seat
    BX12 Leybourne Leybourne Seat
    From £393.00
  9. Varia Bench System
    BX12 Varia Bench System Varia Bench System
    From £294.00
  10. Usit Bench
    BX12 Usit Usit Bench
    From £482.00
  11. Tatton Seat
    BX13 7031150-S Tatton Seat
  12. Palacefields Seat
    B300 Palacefields Seat
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Items 13-24 of 33

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