Asymmetric Arch Canopies

Asymmetric arch canopies are a very versatile type of canopy, ideal for use in multiple locations and for a variety of applications. We offer various different styles of asymmetric arch canopy – which are suited to different purposes and types of building. The use of an asymmetric arch allows the canopy to blend seamlessly into the existing building to complement and enhance any location.

The Asymmetric Cambridge is an example of an asymmetric arch canopy. It has an open structure with a clear roof to provide protection but also to ensure that a light, airy environment is maintained.

Asymmetric arches can also be utilised as walkways, for instance the Asymmetric Castleford Walkway is a heavy duty structure ideal for providing protection against the elements when making your way between buildings. Another innovative use of the asymmetric arch canopy is as a covering for an outdoor swimming pool, providing protection from the sun in the summer months, and protection from rain and the worst of the wind during autumn and winter.

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