Contemporary Canopies

Every contemporary canopy we’ve ever built feels like a mini-masterpiece of modern design. These functional yet striking structures are made from steel, glass, and some advanced waterproof PVC membranes. Our contemporary canopies are defined by their clean lines, their impressive durability, and their fantastic ability to give any environment a pleasant light and airy atmosphere.

Contemporary canopies are available in an almost endless range of shapes and sizes, so we’ve been able to design solutions to suit a huge variety of applications.

We’ve designed calming curved timber and steel chillout shelters, beautiful recreation shelters with quirky leafy glade designs, and large plazas, walkways, and pavilions for schools, hospitals, and other public spaces.

But perhaps the most impressive contemporary canopy in our portfolio is the showcase canopy we designed for a town square in Llanelli. This structure features an angular Grade 316 stainless steel framework which we electro-polished to give the required finish. This framework incorporates a natural drainage system, and it supports a series of multi-angled glass panel roof sheets which feature material artwork by local artist Laura Thomas. The result is an invigorating space for local residents to meet and rest, with a stunning design that singularly takes this historic town square into the 21st century.

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