Monopitch Canopies

Monopitch canopies feature a single sloped roof, supported by a series of beams or supports. It might also be referred to as a “lean-to”, and its design couldn’t be simpler. But because of this inherent simplicity, monopitch canopies are effortlessly effective. With submerged fixing and anti-tamper high strength bolts, they’re solidly built to withstand almost any weather conditions.

The gently sloped roof, guttering, and downpipes efficiently channels even the heaviest of downpours, keeping everyone beneath dry and comfortable.

The beams are well-placed and unobtrusive which creates a space which is bright, open and airy while remaining completely sheltered. It’s because of this that monopitch canopies are the perfect choice for almost any application. Whether you’re looking for a simple construction for a smoking shelter, a large covered area for outdoor teaching, an extensive covered walkway to link your buildings, or a contemporary construction to give your premises a simple yet striking appearance, you really cannot go wrong with monopitch canopies.

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