Symmetric Arch Canopies

As the name suggests, symmetric arch canopies offer a pleasing symmetrical design that can give any space a striking contemporary feel. They’re supremely versatile, and they can be easily adapted to suit almost any application. So whether you need to create a sheltered outdoor area for teaching, playing, outdoor dining, smoking or to create a walkway between existing buildings, you really cannot go wrong with symmetric arch canopies.

There’s a number of symmetric arch canopies in our range, with styles to suit any purpose and any types of building.

Particularly popular is our Newcastle symmetric arch model. Available in Junior or Senior sizes, this versatile and cost-effective modular canopy can be tailored to suit your unique requirements – the width, height, and profile of the roof can all be adapted to blend seamlessly with your current premises and to suit any purpose you have in mind.

We also have symmetric arch canopies that are specifically designed for certain applications, such as bus stops, car washes, and cycle shelters. All of our canopies can be customised with extras including internal lighting, eco-friendly solar lighting, and for added security, vinyl roll down curtains or steel roller shutters. The possibilities are endless!

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