Commercial Canopies

Broxap’s canopies and shelters are ideal for various commercial uses including entrance canopies, loading bay canopies or covered walkways. Broxap have designed and installed canopies for a number of commercial establishments including hotels, theme parks and supermarkets to name a few.

Permanent canopies can create a focal point at any location. They also have a number of practical benefits such as providing shade from harmful UV rays, or protection from rain or secure cycle parking for example.

Entrance canopies provide an aesthetically pleasing and striking focal point to any business or retail property weather protection whilst offering additional shelter.

As facilities expand, covered walkway canopies protect customers as they transfer between existing buildings. Broxap also design, manufacture and install a large range of cycle shelters and secure compounds where customers and staff can park securely. Our range of cycle shelters and cycle hubs are designed to complement any location. Cycle shelters are designed to allow maximum space to be achieved.

Loading bay and drop off canopies provide weather protection for both loading and collection areas. Shelters can also be used to create a designated smoking area.

All shelters and canopies can be made to measure to suit specific sizes to fit any location. Broxap are also manufacturers of street furniture. We are your one stop shop for canopies and street furniture for any location. Broxap offer a complete bespoke design and build service for any canopy and shelter requirements from initial ideas through to installation. Just get in touch to get your project started.

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  1. Brownhills Entrance Canopy
    BXMW/BHC Brownhills Entrance Canopy
  2. Entrance Foyer
    BXMW/ENFO Entrance Foyer
    From £986.00
  3. Brecon Entrance Canopy
    BXMW/BREC Brecon Entrance Canopy
  4. Seville Entrance Canopy
    BXMW/SEV Seville Entrance Canopy
  5. Beech Grove Entrance Canopy
    BXMW/BG-ENFO Beech Grove Entrance Canopy
    From £1,365.00
  6. Cambridge Entrance Canopy
    BXMW/CEC Cambridge Entrance Canopy
    From £3,949.00
  7. Lyceum Entrance Canopy
    BXMW/LYCEUM Lyceum Entrance Canopy
  8. Bath Entrance Canopy
    BXMW/BATH Bath Entrance Canopy
  9. Bedworth Buggy Shelter
    BXMW/BUG Bedworth Buggy Shelter
    From £1,319.00
  10. Inverted Conic Fabric Structure
    BXTS/INV/CON Inverted Conic
  11. Glider Canopy
    BXTS/CAN/L Glider
    From £4,913.00
  12. Orbital Junior Shelter
    BXMW/ORBJ Orbital Junior Shelter
    From £3,363.00
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Items 37-48 of 72

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