Playground Canopies & Shelters

Playground shelters and courtyard canopies are versatile structures which create a focal point for any outdoor area. Available in a variety of designs and materials to suit any requirements and complement any location, playground canopies are ideal for early years, primary and secondary schools. A playground canopy can be used for a variety of uses from a simple covered play area to a large outdoor classroom. OFSTED recommend that young children should be outside for a minimum of three hours a day. A permanent canopy creates a fun and protected area for children to play, socialise, learn and dine.

The Broxap shelters range includes robust polycarbonate shelters, timber shelters, tensile structures and shade sails canopies. Modular shelters such as the Newcastle Junior or Monopitch are versatile. Their modular design means they can be constructed to a variety of sizes to suit any application. They can be used as an outdoor classroom to encourage outdoor learning to a parent waiting area whilst collecting their children from school.

Waterproof tensile canopies such as the Creature Canopies are waterproof and offer UV protection. Creature canopies are ideal for any school especially Key Stage 1 and Early Years playgrounds. Covered play areas allow children to engage in outdoor play no matter what the weather.

Simple recreation shelters such as the Y-pod or Tewkesbury shelters create a covered seated area where children can socialise which helps to develop communication and language skills.

Broxap also provide a made to measure and bespoke design service to suit any shelter and canopy requirements for your playground.

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  1. Fabric Arc
    BXTS/GAZ/1/B Fabric Arc
    From £3,274.00
  2. Kite Tensile Structure
    BXTS/KIT Kite
    From £3,617.00
  3. Snow Drop Canopy
    BXTS/CAN/C Snow Drop
    From £3,953.00
  4. Hexagonal Conic Canopy
    BX/TS PAR/CH Hexagonal Conic
    From £5,485.00
  5. Tewkesbury Recreation Shelter
    BXMW/TS2 Tewkesbury Recreation Shelter
    From £5,796.00
  6. Beckton Chatshak Shelter
    BXMW/CH1 Beckton Chatshak Shelter
    From £2,484.00
  7. Cambridge Shelter
    BXMW/CA1 Cambridge Shelter
    From £3,616.00
  8. Newcastle Duopitch
    BXMW/NEWS-DUO Newcastle Duopitch
  9. Plymouth Wave Senior
    BXMW/PLY Plymouth Wave Canopy
    From £3,803.00
  10. Leafy Glade Recreation Shelter
    BXMW/LG Leafy Glade Recreation Shelter
  11. Cambridge Cantilever
    BXMW/CWALK Cambridge Cantilever Walkway
    From £4,615.00
  12. Crane Shade Sail
    BXTS/CRA Crane Shade Sail
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Items 13-24 of 31

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