Healthcare and Hospital Canopies

Our canopies and shelters help to create a welcoming environment for patients and staff at any hospital or healthcare facility. The versatility of our canopies means they are suitable for a number of uses within any healthcare environment. Available in a range of materials and styles, they can complement any location.

Broxap design, manufacture and install a range of canopies including patient drop off canopies. Patient drop off canopies allow for ambulances to transfer patients in the dry. Canopies can be used to create a designated drop off and pick up point. Entrance canopies create a welcoming entrance providing extra cover and protection from the weather.

Canopies can provide a focal point to any building helping to highlight the main entrance. Covered walkway canopies provide a link between existing buildings which keep patients dry as they move around the facilities. Shelters can be also used to create designate areas such as for smoking or quiet zones within the hospital grounds and gardens.

Cycle shelters are also popular within healthcare and hospitals. Our range of cycle shelters and cycle hubs provide safe parking and secure cycle parking for visitors and staff. Our cycle shelters and racks are designed to maximise cycle parking especially when it is at a premium.

Broxap provide a complete design and build solution for any canopy requirements. Canopies and shelters are designed and manufactured to suit any requirements and to complement existing buildings and surroundings.

Street furniture, manufactured by Broxap, can be combined with our shelters and canopies to complete any project.

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  1. Edinburgh Gullwing
    BXMW/EDIN/GU Edinburgh Gullwing
  2. Premier Cycle Shelter
    BXMW/PREM Premier Cycle Shelter
    From £1,114.00
  3. Farnham
    BXMW/FAR-SS Farnham
    From £1,578.00
  4. Stansted
    BXTS/STANS Stansted
  5. Port Glasgow
    BXMW/PORT Port Glasgow
  6. City Cruise Cantilever Walkway
    BXMW/CC-CAN City Cruise Cantilever Walkway
  7. City Cruise Gullwing Walkway
    BXMW/CC-GUL City Cruise Gullwing Walkway
  8. Farnham Car Park Shelter
    BXMW/FAR-CP Farnham Car Park Shelter
  9. Cambridge Cycle Shelter
    BXMW/CA/1 Cambridge Cycle Shelter
    From £3,287.00
  10. Premier Economy Cycle Shelter
    BXMW/PREMS Premier Economy Cycle Shelter
    From £896.00
  11. Galloway Cycle Shelter
    BXMW/GAL Galloway Cycle Shelter
    From £5,617.00
  12. Cheshire Timber Cycle Shelter
    BXMW/CHE Cheshire Timber Cycle Shelter
    From £4,944.00
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Items 25-36 of 87

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