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Robust permanent canopies, shelters and walkways from Broxap provide a covered area whatever the weather, making you confident your outside space will be used. Our canopies and shelters are designed to maximise outdoor space and encourage use of your facilities all year round. Canopies are available in freestanding or wall mounted designs.

We have designed, manufactured and installed high quality aesthetically pleasing shelters and canopies for various applications at a variety of locations within the hospitality, sports and leisure sectors, including sports centres, theme parks, hotels and more.

Canopies can be used to create a focal point at the entrance of any building, to provide a covered walkway between existing buildings or to create a covered outdoor dining area, to name a few uses.

Hospitality Canopies

Broxap have designed, manufactured and installed a number of canopies for the hospitality sector. Entrance canopies create a focal point and helps to guide visitors to a main entrance, for example on a hotel. Canopies can also be used to create an outdoor dining area or to create a designated smoking shelter.

Sports and Spectator Canopies

Sports and spectator shelters and canopies create a covered area for any outdoor sports area. Our range of sports shelters which can be freestanding or wall mounted provide a functional cover for any application or sporting environment. Our range includes football dug outs, driving range shelters and spectator shelters. Sports canopies and shelters can be bespoke designed to suit any application and requirement.

Leisure Canopies

Broxap also manufacture a range of canopies which are suitable for the leisure sector. Our robust permanent tensile canopies or polycarbonate shelters can be used to create a stylish yet functional designated outdoor area for dining, socialising or smoking. Canopies allow customers to enjoy the outdoor environment, whilst being protected from the weather. Canopies can also be used to create a covered link between existing buildings and facilities.

Bespoke designs of canopies and shelters are available to suit any requirements and to complement the existing surroundings. Made to suit any environment and application.

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  1. Havelock Entrance Canopy
    BXTS/HAVE Havelock Entrance Canopy
  2. Anglesey Pavillion
    BX/HMP BSP-200021 Anglesey Pavillion
    From £13,595.00
  3. Cambridge Cantilever
    BXMW/CWALK Cambridge Cantilever Walkway
    From £4,615.00
  4. Asymmetric Cambridge
    BXMW/ACA Asymmetric Cambridge
    From £4,287.00
  5. Newcastle Junior
    BXMW/NEWJ Newcastle Junior
    From £986.00
  6. The Stirling Cycle Hub
    BXMW/STIR The Stirling Cycle Hub
    From £46,000.00
  7. Sovereign Cycle Shelter
    BXMW/SOV Sovereign Cycle Shelter
    From £1,382.00
  8. Galloway Cycle Shelter
    BXMW/GAL Galloway Cycle Shelter
    From £5,617.00
  9. Cheshire Timber Cycle Shelter
    BXMW/CHE Cheshire Timber Cycle Shelter
    From £4,944.00
  10. Lunar Junior Cycle Shelter
    BXMW/LJ Lunar Junior Cycle Shelter
    From £988.00
  11. Eastbourne Sports Spectator Shelter
    BXMW/EAST Eastbourne Sports Spectator Shelter
    From £4,482.00
  12. Littleborough Dugout Shelter
    BXMW/LTD Littleborough Dugout Shelter
    From £1,033.00
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Items 37-48 of 110

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