Broxap design and manufacture the widest range of attractive and unique planters available in the UK. These can be used to enhance any existing or new build scheme or development. Broxap manufactures planters with stylish designs from cast ironsteelstainless steelrecycled plasticconcrete and timber to complement their street furniture range and to suit the location and any other requirements.

Our range of planters provides the opportunity to allow green material to be introduced where space and function do not permit gardens or flower beds. Both the range of street and park planters are aesthetically pleasing which also enables them to be used as a discreet vehicle barrier if required. Planters may be customised to include logos, crests, coats of arms or highlighting bands to create a special corporate or public identity.

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  1. Rondo Modular Planter
    BX60 115 Planter Rondo Modular Planter
    From £516.00
  2. Corona Modular Circular Planter
    BX60 103 Corona Modular Circular Planter
    From £6,426.00
  3. Halo Single Planter
    BX60 Halo Single Planter Halo Single Planter
    From £737.00
  4. Swan Planter
    BX/HMP 400023 Swan Planter
    From £3,160.00
  5. Sensory Planter
    BX/HMP 400022 Sensory Planter
    From £3,215.00
  6. Northfleet Planter
    BX50 2600 Northfleet Planter
  7. Basingstoke Planter
    BX 1805-DI Basingstoke Planter
  8. Standard Column Flower Basket Bracket
    BX14 2410 Standard Column Flower Basket Bracket
    From £1,050.00
  9. Manchester Flower Basket
    BX 1539-F Manchester Flower Basket
    From £535.00
  10. Standard Column Flower Basket Bracket
    BX 901 Stockport Column Flower Basket Bracket
    From £875.00
  11. Hazel Grove Planter
    BX71 8012-L Hazel Grove Planter
    From £385.00
  12. Mossley Planter
    BX71 8012-M Mossley Planter
    From £268.00
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Items 37-48 of 54

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