Tree Protection

Broxap offer a range of cast iron tree grilles and steel tree guards to promote tree growth and tree protection. All grille types can be modified to incorporate holes for lighting units, water irrigation or other bespoke features.

Our tree protection range comprises of 3 main products: Tree Grilles, Tree Frames and Tree Guards. In addition to the standard range, Broxap are also an exclusive UK distributor of Germany’s System Buderus; making Broxap tree protection a unique provider.

Anti-Theft Clamps

Our standard anti-theft clamps prevent unauthorised removal of grille segments for the ultimate tree/sapling protection and help to ensure correct alignment of individual pieces.

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  1. Sunburst Square Tree Grille
    BX 431-3 Sunburst Square Tree Grille
    From £365.00
  2. Lateral Square Tree Grille
    BX02 lateral Lateral Square Tree Grille
  3. Worcester Tree Grille
    BX 1215 Worcester Tree Grille
    From £399.00
  4. Poplar Mild Steel Tree Guard
    BX14 1275 Poplar Mild Steel Tree Guard
    From £158.00
  5. Rural Tree Guard
    BX14 1276 Rural Tree Guard
    From £158.00
  6. Standard Mild Steel Tree Guard
    BX14 602 Standard Mild Steel Tree Guard
    From £188.00
  7. King's Lynn Tree Grille
    BX 436-3 King's Lynn Tree Grille
    From £402.00
  8. Lea Tree Grille
    BX 1238 Lea Tree Grille
    From £361.00
  9. Limousin Square Tree Grille
    BX 442-3 Limousin Square Tree Grille
    From £428.00
  10. Liverpool Tree Grille
    BX 1234 Liverpool Tree Grille
    From £368.00
  11. Luton Tree Grille
    BX 1207 Luton Tree Grille
    From £338.00
  12. Taverham Tree Grille
    BX 402-2-EC Taverham Tree Grille
    From £328.00
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Items 13-24 of 26

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